The Godfather

Join your hosts, Oliver and Emma Stoned, as they discuss The Godfather, by The Brothers Grimm, the tale of how one man's dream found him a hell of a Godfather.

On their journey through this #HighTale, you’ll hear some stuff about:

  • Pebble streets
  • Magic water
  • The broom vs. the shovels
  • Princess Scorzonera
  • Bodiless heads talking
  • Ca-ba-ge
  • Self frying fish
  • The devil
  • and more!

The moral of this story is something like… If you can't Godfather them, don't have so many kids  or Don't ever go outside of the gate, stay in your fuckin' gate.

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Strains appearing in this episode: Gorilla Glue #4 - "This stuff is making me crazy. I love it."

#GorillaGoo #PrincessScorzoneraorGonorrhea #MoralizeIt

Until next Dime, live happily ever after.