The Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders

Join your hosts, Howlatch Aboi and Mermaid Aboi, as they discuss The Ditmarsch Tale of Wonders, by the Brothers Grimm, the tale of lies spun like a web.

On their journey through this #HighTale, you’ll hear some stuff about:

  • Determining our Names
  • Make Your Dreams Come True Day
  • Defining The Rhine
  • Deaf, Blind, Dumb, and Lame
  • Giant flies and Jeff Goldblum
  • Conspiracists
  • Bogus stats
  • Life is incredible
  • The newest organ in the human body
  • It only exists when you discover it.
  • Cancer
  • Dead Noise
  • Lifetime

And more!

The moral of this story is something like… You shouldn't believe everything that you hear or that you read. Do a little research.

This show is brought to you by: King Cronic / King Cronic III

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Until next Dime, live happily ever after.