The Frog King (Iron Heinrich)

Join your hosts, Herb and Charlotte, as they discuss The Frog King (or Iron Heinrich), by The Brothers Grimm, the tale of Heinrich and his heart condition.

On their journey through this #HighTale, you’ll hear some stuff about:

  • Jim Jeffries' Stand Up Special "FreeDUMB"
  • How a king used to be a frog and could relate
  • "She did it with two fingers" leaves way too much to the imagination
  • The speed at which you chuck a frog at a wall
  • Your brain doesn't die when your body does.
  • The frog boom, "Just throw them against a wall."

And more!

The moral of this story is something like… Be a bitch and get your way... If you got a pushy mother fucker, stand your ground and throw that bitch against the wall… might turn him into a decent person.

This show is brought to you by: Marijuana


Until next Dime, live happily ever after.