The Girl Without Hands

Join your hosts, Lawrence Miller and Juliet Goldhair, as they discuss The Girl Without Hands, by The Brothers Grimm, the tale of a miller's deal with the devil, a handsome prince and a handless girl.

On their journey through this #HighTale, you’ll hear some stuff about:

  • Did people in the 1812's think about the year 2000?
  • The origin of "With both hands tied behind my back."
  • A changeling is just a person. 
  • The origin of the Chicken Tender
  • The Trill Series

And more!

The moral of this story is something like… Don’t trust someone who will chop your hands off... OR... don't make deals with the devil... OR... don't always believe what you hear... OR... Don't miss your opportunity to rest.

This show is brought to you by: Marijuana

#ChickenTender #AChangelingIsJustAPerson

 Until next Dime, live happily ever after.