Weed is Awesome.

Everyone smokes weed. Like everyone.  Before I really started smoking, I knew very few people who also enjoyed getting high.  But now that I am an avid smoker, I know so many stoners!! It's incredible.  You connect with people on a-whole-nother level!  Someone who was just an acquaintance is now suddenly your best friend!  Everyone is just a lot more chill and happy.  It's like a veil is lifted once you find out that someone you know gets high too.  

Imagine you run into someone at the grocery store.  There's that awkward silence and small talk that both of you don't want anything to do with it, and you just cant wait to be done.  So you slowly walk away from each other and you lie and say that you have to go.  And the person you just lied to is grateful for it. But before you say your goodbyes, you both agree to hang out sometime soon.  But really, that's not going to happen.

Okay, now imagine that you run into someone at the weedery! You want to hang out, right?  Nope, you don't.  I just thought about it, and I think you have to be high to mean it.  At the weedery, I'm not high.  But if I was at a party, and I got high and ran into someone else that was high, I bet we would have a crazy, awesome, meaningful conversation!  Not just stupid small talk. Fuck small talk.  This conversation definitely changed direction, but it works.  

Weed is just awesome.  And my thoughts are everywhere, so I may not finish a thought.  You should probably get used it, because it happens a lot. If you listen to our podcasts, then good, you already know!  

You know what would be great? A VR game where you're in a space like place, and instead of stars and planets and black holes, you see glitter.  Like those calming bottles with glue and glitter and whatever else that just makes it so fun to just stare at.  Imagine being surrounded by it!  That would be so peaceful and relaxing, and the best. And a Harry Potter VR game, and any kind of fantastical adventure.  Oh man that would be amazing. You'd probably learn the meaning of life, or at least the meaning of your life. But you know what's really great?  Weed.  With weed, you can be anywhere.  It's amazing how real thoughts can be when you're high.  I don't even have words for it; it's too big for words.  You just have to feel it.  So go ahead and just feel it all.

Wicked awesome.