Round Two

Round two.  So I just made myself a cup o’ noodle, chicken flavor, and of course I’m high, so I put a ton on one bite and thought to myself, “I really want to just eat all these noodles in one bite, but they are way too hot and it would be wasteful.”  And you wanna know what I did next?  I fake took a bite, meaning I just put my mouth up to it as if I would eat it, but I wanted to “sike” myself.  Because I’m high and have inner conversations with myself.  So really, it went down like this”

Sensible me: *stirs noodles*

High me: I just want to eat all of these noodles in one bite!

Sensible me: But they’re too hot, and that’s wasteful and they would be gone too fast.  You have to savor the flavor.

High me: You’re right. *shrugs and lifts the steaming noodles to mouth, to pretend to take a giant, wasteful bite... and might as well taste it a little* Sike!

Sensible me: Well, now you just burnt the top of your tongue. Dumbass.

High me: Ah, damnit.

Yep. Just like that. It may be mean to call myself names, but it’s true, I’m just being truthful to myself.  I feel like everyone calls themselves names, because they know how they are acting.  People fight and argue just to win.  It doesn’t matter if you’re right, you will try to convince yourself that you are right, but you know when you’re wrong and being a douche. You may even ask yourself why you are being a douche, and the douche side of you will try to convince you otherwise.  But really?  If you have to convince yourself that you are not being a douche or that you are not wrong, you are.  If you truly felt that you weren’t, then you wouldn’t question yourself.  Yep, gotta work on it.


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