Musings of Sharon Stoned

Radio active spiders are just crawling along and they’re blue and red, bright blue and red, and they are gross. Ew.    

I’ve always wanted to write a blog, but I never had the nerve, because I was afraid I didn’t have anything interesting to say.  But now I’m high, and there is no pressure to be interesting. Just random, and real.

The living dead was actually a premonition about the world today.  We are alive, but not living; we are the living dead.  We walk around like zombies, with our phones glued to us.  We used to have to tell one another about something that happened 3 days ago, but now the whole social media world knows just seconds after it happened.  Boring.  Wake up and start living!

The interwebs have ruined us.  Everyone believes everything.  People are getting famous for being terrible human beings.  I’m sure you’ve heard of “Cash me ousside, how bow dat?”  Well, no joke, I was driving home from work, and an ad for a local car dealership played a remixed version as their reason for you to go to their big event and buy a car.  I had to turn it off, I was feeling my brain cells die, it hurt.  But really??? We are becoming Idiocracy real quick.

Step 1: Wikipedia*check*

Step 2: Social Media *check*

Step 3: Spread fear about anything and eveything. *check*

Step 4: Make Trump president. *check*

Step 5: Sit back and watch.

See…now I don’t know how to transition from that, because the subject has left my brain, and I am onto something new.  Try it.